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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Dreams, Dog Puke, and Tylenol

Apparently it is the time of year for sickness. For the little ones, that is.

By little ones, I am referring not only to my little 3 month old but also to the 7 year old fuzzy baby. Yes, the dog ate a bone. You know, most dogs chew on bones-not mine. He actually ate the entire beef bone. A large beef bone. In less than 10 minutes. Gone. I only discovered that he ate said bone because of the small shards of bone he left behind as evidence of his stealthy bone stealing. He took the bone from Ollie, who chews on it as a dog should, and ate it out of doggie spite so that Ollie could not have it. He is not the most gracious dog guest.

So, 6 hours later-let the puking begin. And again 12 hours later. In our bed. Between Justin's legs. Needless to say, I discovered that the dog was throwing up because Justin woke me up-screaming. I won't go into any more details other than to say that we threw the sheets in the bathtub-it was the only logical thing to do at 5:15 am.

So, I called the vet-and they made me rush him in. Apparently they were worried about an "obstruction." Well, I could have told them that he did not have an obstruction-it was all coming out JUST FINE all over my house. But, better safe than sorry. So, over $200 later, he has to take 3 different meds a day and eat bland food. WHICH, he is not happy about. He is quite a food connoisseur.

Then, I am feeding HK this afternoon, and I think that she feels a little warm. Yep-she has a fever. 100.2 to be exact. Problem is that Justin calls for advice-his mom and the doc-and tells them that she has a fever of 102-NOT 100 POINT 2. Big difference. Luckily, she has NO IDEA that she does not feel well. She is laughing and cooing...just happy happy!

So, the dog is fine, and HK is napping and taking infant Tylenol. Then, the phone calls from Granny begin. She had a dream and needs me to look up the interpretation in my dream book. I have no idea why she knows that I have this dream book, but she frequently calls me for interpretations. Sometimes I make them up - but I only do that if I look up the actual interpretation and it is something that I don't want to tell her.

For instance, her last dream involved her breaking her left arm. Dream interpretation:

To dream that your arm has been injured, signifies your inability to care for yourself or your helplessness in reaching out to others. You may have been feeling limited and restricted in terms of your freedom or activities. Your left arm signifies your supportive or nurturing nature and is associated with feminine qualities. (http://www.dreammoods.com/dreamthemes/bodyparts.htm)
Well-I am NOT going to tell my 87 year old granny that! So, the interpretation became:
To dream that your arm has been injured signifies your desire to reach out and help others because you are supportive and nurturing and you feel like you have not been doing a good job at helping others. You are very happy.
She lives with my parents, so any time a dream could possibly be construed against my mom, I alter it. One time a dream of hers meant that she felt trapped in her surroundings. That one also got changed to something along the lines of - you feel very happy where you are and well cared for. See-everyone is happy in the end.
So, dreams, dog puke, and infant Tylenol.......welcome to my world.


  1. No, no, no!! Welcome to my world, all that and granny too!!

  2. We went to Daniel's grandmother's 87 birthday party today. 3 hours of the same story over and over interjected with rants about wanting her car and her house back. No puking dog though so I guess that's a plus. Hope everyone gets better. The prednisone is kicking my butt!

  3. Dogs just train you for future moments with HK... I hope she feels better soon =). Any other symptoms? Hang in there... you guys are in the 'survival mode' at it's finest!