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Friday, November 19, 2010

And so it goes...

So, today I "miscarried."

And, I am angry. I expected to be sad, upset, frustrated-but I did not expect to be so MAD.

The birth mom and dad decided to try parenting. They have been living in housing provided by the adoption agency, and they have been receiving counseling. So, I feel that they did not take their decision lightly. I, however, feel a little taken for a ride. The birth parents do not have jobs or a home. They do not have a car. But, they will have a baby.

I feel silly-silly for buying some new baby clothes and silly for the Christmas presents for the new baby in the closet upstairs. I feel silly because I had my mom buy me a Boppy newborn lounger, and even sillier that I actually started packing a bag for the new baby for our trip to Utah to pick her up.

I know it is normal to have mixed emotions-but it is so strange to feel such a sense of loss over someone who was never yours-someone you never had a relationship with.

Yes-this too shall pass. In the meantime, this just sucks.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Hi AGAIN!!!!!!!!

Yes-It has been awhile. AND...I don't want to hear it. I am lucky to remember where my own head is....seriously. I started a new job at the beginning of the year. I travel now-more than I did with my previous job. And, HK is now 22 months old. And, she is willful. And by willful, I mean-she is most likely entering what we lovingly refer to as "the terrible two's." So, I have been busy.

Then, about 3 weeks ago, we got "the call." We put in a profile for adoption with our agency in July. They told us it would probably take 1-2 years to get another baby. The second week of October-ring ring! We have been chosen by a birth mom and dad. She is due December 1st. I am a nervous wreck.

Imagine someone tells you that you are, surprise!, pregnant, your baby is due in a month-but you may miscarry. Yep-harsh and abrupt-but that is my life right now. So, did I mention that I have a new job? And I am apparently 8 months pregnant? And-I am giving birth halfway across the country? And- it is a girl? And-we cannot agree on names?


So-I use my blog to vent. Writing out my worries and stresses has always seemed to help me.

And-so does shopping. But not real life store shopping. When I see what I like-I like it. Enough Said. No shopping around. My job is done. I see-I like-I buy. So-I need a few new baby things. And...du du duhhhhhhhh-I have to move little miss HK into a BIG GIRL room. Seriously. My little red headed precious angel has to grow up a little bit-and I am not sure I am ok with that. She sleeps in her crib just fine-and I don't want her to feel like she is being booted out of her room. Ohhhh-the stresses.

So-I ordered her bedding today-I have been internet shopping and real store shopping with no luck. But, my mom in law mentioned that she saw some cute stuff in the new Pottery Barn kids catalog and WALL-AH I found a WHOLE room that I like! So, new big girl room is ordered. I am excited---and sad.

So, if you don't hear from me for a little bit-please please please forgive me. I am sure there will be much more to blog about when I am sleep deprived.

In the meantime, please pray that all goes well with our upcoming adoption. This one has been a little more stressful than the last simply because I know what I stand to lose.

Love to all!

Sunday, April 11, 2010


As I have stated many a time before, I have been a weight gaining machine for about a year now. I had a physical with my doc, and again, my weight is up. So, I have decided that it MUST be my thyroid coupled with my high doses of prednisone. But, I have always been able to, ummm, "diet" for a few weeks and see a decrease in my mid-section. Not this time. Sooo....

It has to be a very serious thyroid condition. Very serious.

Must be.

So, I inform the doc that we have to run tests. Now, if you know me, needles are NOT my thing. Like, I turn into a six year old when the nurses come in with all of their needle gear. I even ask for the numbing stuff-yes, the stuff they give to elementary school kids. For some reason, the nurses never oblige.

Anyhoo-they proceed to take all of the blood out of my body. I head home and await the results-because I KNOW that I have a sluggish, lazy thyroid.

The results come back-thyroid is fine. Perfect in fact. WHAT?!?!

But, I am vitamin D deficient. So, I ask the doc, "Does vitamin D deficiency make you fat?" Apparently, no.

So, I have just won myself 15 weeks of vitamin D pills. And, his recommendation for my "condition?" In writing it says-eat right and exercise.

Bummer. HUGE bummer. I guess someone finally told my body and my metabolism that I am officially in my thirties.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Ohhh-the life of a road warrior.

I just started a new job. Many moons ago, I worked as a national sales rep for a small cookie company. This required me to travel the entire country. Then, I moved to a large food company. I still had to travel, but most of that travel was driving. I was not required to take many flights. I have now come full circle-I now have a job that requires both. Many flights, much driving.

And, there are many things that you learn while out and about. For instance, today, I am in North Carolina. Here, the speed limit varies from 70 mph to 55 mph on interstates 77 and 40. What was so weird was that most people actually went the speed limit. No one cut me off, or rode my rear, or gave me a dirty look, or whipped around me and then in front of me to make a point. People actually slow down to let others merge-it is quite a different world here from Nashville.

I have also learned that travel has changed since my last days of airport life. When you travel quite a bit, you learn that carrying on your luggage is the way to go. That is how I used to travel. Then 911 happened, and the carry on rules changed. Since then, I usually check my luggage for a few reasons.

1. I am now officially middle age according to my father, and consolidating a carry on with my travel entertainment, laptop, purse, and suitcase into 2 pieces small enough to qualify as carry on luggage is a challenge. Carrying these bags through the airport, down the jet way, down the plane aisle without knocking out an already seated passenger is yet a greater challenge. And then there is the whole fit the bag under the seat in front of you and fit another in the overhead compartment. This is not only a work out comparable to the spanx workout, but it is not attractive. Then I fall into my seat sweating and wondering how in the heck someone thought that the puff of air out of the nozzle over your head is enough to keep you from passing out.

2. I carry a lot of liquids. As I mentioned I am apparently farting dust, so I have to carry lots of moisturizers, lotions, hair products and other essentials to try and hide my age and fatigue from getting all of these bags to the gate in the first place, to the rental car shuttle, into the rental car office, to the rental car, loaded into the car, loaded out of the car at the hotel, hauled to my hotel room...do you see why liquids are a necessity??

So-my current coworkers convinced me that carrying on your baggage is the way to go. I was hesitant. My new boss and I were in the security line 2 weeks ago - me relatively bagless and looking like an easy traveler, he carrying his bags (and making it look relatively easy, for the record). Boss man pulls out a baggie with his toiletries and liquids in it. He is bald-he does not need many products. He and another co-worker keep telling me to just get some travel size products and the empty 3 ounce containers they sell now to fill up with my products. Makes life so much easier, they say.

After waiting 30 minutes for my luggage, I decided that they might be on to something.

I went to Target and spent $100 on every travel size I could find. I bought travel size products, empty bottles to fill, empty spray bottles, and even bought the special glad Ziploc baggies that say "flight approved." I was not taking any chances. The day before my trip, I spent an hour repacking my toiletry bag. I filled empty bottles with my shampoo, my lotion, my body sprays. I got out my label maker and made sure I had each bottle labeled. I put them all into a special place in my suitcase so I could pull it out quickly at security.

Off I head to the airport. I went to the expert traveler line - I am an expert. I mean-look at the baggie organization. So I begin the security process-I took off my shoes, my coat, took out my laptop, and - drum roll - took out my baggies. I proceeded through the detector and over to the conveyor to get my baggies and carry on's and begin redressing and repacking.

This security officer peaks over the conveyor and asks, "Ma'am, is this yours?" He is pointing to my pristine baggie assortment. "Why yes, it is," I reply, beaming. He looks at me and says, "You can only have ONE baggie." I look at my baggie collection- four baggies to be exact. I could only blankly stare. ONE???? Who on God's green earth can fit everything into ONE QUART SIZE BAGGIE. Absolutely ridiculous.

He let me through-but told me that I would have to consolidate for next time.

I do not know if it is worth it, but I know that there are certain things that I cannot live without both in my beauty regime and in my travel regime. In fact, I think my next posting is going to be on my travel necessities.

Anyhoo-lesson learned. Apparently you cannot bring unlimited amounts of liquids onto a plane if you divide them among 40, 3 ounce containers. So, I sit here in a NC hotel room, and I am off to repackage my liquids....again.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Birthday Decor

So, it has been awhile. But I feel like I have some pretty good excuses. I just left the company I had been with for almost 8 years for a new one - not to mention that this transition occured during the holidays. AND...HK turned one. Yes, it is true. She is officially one.

We celebrated the occasion by throwing a Winter One-derland party. I loved the play on words, but I then had to come up with a way to make this theme come to life. I feel like this post is very "Patra," a dear friend of mine who is Martha Stewart times a million. I certainly hope that I can live up to her standards. Just check out her decor and you will know what I mean.

So-here are some decor pics from little miss's first birthday party! We had a few friends over and immediate family and kept it small-it was perfect!

We spray painted tree branches silver and hung snowflakes and pictures of HK. At the front door, we had a Wishing Tree and everyone was asked to write a message, wish or hope to HK and hang on the tree. (thanks mom-she did all of the hard work-the spray painting!)

The final wishing tree with all of her wishes! I am going to string these together into a booklet for her.

These were the favors/slash activity for the party-little snowflakes to decorate and take home.

Some more decor and painted branches. I filled glass vases all over the house with these.

We had a hot cocoa bar with all kinds of mix-ins and hot cider.

THE cake-need I say more? Dessert Designs is incredible-this had a layer of sour cream pound cake and a layer of chocolate truffle. INCREDIBLE.

Her little smash cake-she liked it, needless to say!
The birthday girl herself enjoying cake!!

I hope everyone is having a blessed new year! We certainly are!