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Thursday, July 16, 2009

All Kinds of Dishes

So-it's been awhile since I shared things I have learned. And there have definitely been a few lately.

First of all, HK had her 6 month doc appointment. Once again, mean doc sticks her 3 times. She screams and I want to crawl in a hole and die. But, we did learn that little miss is in the 87% for her height. This is really funny considering that Justin and I are in like the 2% for height. We are short people. Friends call us the cake toppers. We are vertically challenged. So, we figure that if we have to buy a baby, then we might as well get a tall one so that we have help reaching things on the top shelves.

During this visit, doc says that we can start on rice cereal and veggies. So, I did not lose one second. As soon as we got home and it was time for dinner, I mixed up rice cereal for HK. We even had a small audience since her Gigi and Papa stopped over to check on her after her shot incident (I refer to all medical treatments as "incidents"). So, we all gather around the high chair, Gigi has the Canon Rebel, Papa has the video camera, and I proceeded to feed HK this watery yuck that had no taste to it. It says to make it really watery for their first ever feeding, and I did. And, I tried a small taste of it. Really people, cardboard has more flavor and consistency than this stuff. But, she was like a little bird-kept opening up her mouth and following the spoon. She was a champ.

Here is the learning part-no one told me that this TINY and I mean TINY bit of rice cereal would make her poop COMPLETELY GREEN. I mean, like fresh pea green. I was SHOCKED when I changed her diaper this evening. And, the diaper was a little more full than normal, so you know that she stuck her hand in it, rolled in it-it was everywhere. Justin is trying to hold her legs and she is trying to roll over at the same time. So, her top half is face down and her bottom half is still right side up where he is holding onto her legs. And we are both panicking and trying to not get poo on us....needless to say, HK wound up in the bath.

So, since HK is now starting some baby food, it was of the up most importance that I get her some dishes that are all her own. I made a trip to Target this evening and got her all of these little bowls and sectioned plates. And-these cool bowls actually suction to the highchair so she can't knock them over or move them around. How cool is that?!?

So, after my new dishes shopping spree, I had to come home and reorganized some cabinets because there has to be a section for HK dishes. So much goes into new dishware...

And the last thing I have learned this week-mirrors are the ABSOLUTE BEST baby toy in the world. We discovered this at the doc office when she was on the table and looking at herself in the mirror on the wall. She was grinning at herself, in fact, full out flirting with herself. And she was kicking and laughing...having the BEST time. So, Gigi and Papa brought over a full length mirror for her. Best investment in the world. We have played with a hand held mirror for awhile, but I guess it is nothing in comparison to the full length version in a baby's mind. She truly loves herself and thinks she is hysterical. And she is correct, she is!!!!!

So, here's to the learning curve and to learning the ropes of parenting!

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  1. Mix the cereal with some formula and apple sauce or peaches- tastes tons better and she'll eat it better. Heads up on the suctioned bowls- they don't suction so well. Hopefully the suction technology has gotten better, but AC sent one of those flying across the kitchen spewing squash everywhere.