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Monday, September 14, 2009


Ahhhh-football time in Tennessee. We have just finished week number two, and I am still debating the coaching prowess of our newest, fearless leader. There were enough interceptions in the UCLA game to make me cringe more than I would have hoped, and at times I thought that I truly should try out for the team-I mean, I am not really athletic or anything, but I swear I can throw as well as Crompton. I mean, come on Kiffin, I thought you could recruit. Do something about this, would ya?

But, back to my athleticism. I guess it goes back to my "workout" from Saturday (yes, I know that today is Monday). Mom and I took HK to Opry Mills-ONLY because they have a Strasburg Children's Outlet. Otherwise, I would NEVER go to that mall-I mean, they TORE DOWN MY THEME PARK TO BUILD A MALL!!!!!! Yes-they trashed my childhood memories to build a Bass Pro Shop. Opryland USA versus MALL-hmmmmmmm. Some moron made the wrong decision.

Anyhoo-we went out there because they were having a sale, and in my mom's EXACT words, and I quote, "I have waited 8 years to buy something in this store." She announced this to the sales lady. Well, I'm not going to stop her. It is irrelevant that my 8 month old owns about 6 dresses from this store. If it makes my mom happy to plunk down dad's credit card, then who am I to stop her? Funny though, I know that we would not be plunking down the credit card if there was a Strasburg adult equivalent-say for instance, a purse from Coach? Nope. I have definitely fallen out of favor.

So, we shop in Opryhell for about 4 or so hours. Then we are hungry and decide to sit down and eat at TGI Friday's. We feed HK, we scream at each other in what is an attempt at conversation because the large table next to us is breaking the sound barrier, and we place our orders. We are waiting for our meals and playing with HK-I am bouncing her on my lap and she and mom are playing across the table. Suddenly, I see my mom over HK's head start flailing about and shrieking. Seriously people, I thought that someone had just shot her. Since I could not hear her over the REALLY LOUD TABLE, I grab HK just in time to see A.HUGE.ROACH running across the table right at HK. I jump up, started grabbing our belongings; mom is grabbing the rest of them. We pass our waiter as we go screaming from the building that a large roach almost ate us at our table to which he blankly replies, "Really, huh?" Disgusting.

So-I think it must have either been the strenuous walking through the mall or the manic jumping around at the restaurant that made me pull my calf muscle. All I know is that since that day, I have felt extremely sore-like the tender remains of a charlie horse.

After putting HK to bed this evening, I am walking back down the stairs. As I reach the last step I felt this horrid pull-I SWEAR that my muscle tore. I KNOW that it had to. It really hurt. Justin is trying to convince me that I am fine, and he tells me that I would be in agonizing pain if I had indeed ripped a muscle. But, I protested that I KNOW what I felt and that I do have a very high pain tolerance. Then it occurred to me that I MUST be experiencing the symptoms of low potassium. Maybe even deadly low potassium. So, I dug up some old potassium pills and took those. It was either that or eat HK's mushed up banana baby food. So, I think that I saved my life. Thank goodness for my quick thinking.

So-here I sit with a sore calf. I really have to cool it with the activity for a while. And eat more bananas.


  1. There is a Strasburg in Cool Springs downstairs by Macy's. Same prices as the one in Opry Mills- and no roaches. We figured that out about the time AC turned 3- they put one in an outlet mall to make you think it's an outlet, but the lady told us there's no such thing for Strasburg. Next time go there and eat lunch at Stoveworks in the Factory- much more relaxing.

  2. My God, you poor thing! How do you handle all the working out?